Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rainy day

It's a rainy day in Montreal. It is cold and wet and i am in no mood to step out of the office...for anything...except i need to pic up some prints from the printer i have sold yesterday. I was so delightfully surprised, the customer liked them so much they asked for two! The print was the Teatree (see posts below for pic) I am wondering which direction to take now with my shop and i just knew, its time to make note cards,thank you cards, greeting card, bussiness cards.

SarahJaneStudios : also want to share with you another illustrator that impresses me to know end, her Etsy shop is called Sarahjanestudios and she makes these vintage looking illustrations probably geared towards children or those with a childlike hearts (like mine, i like to think) I like the way her images breathe. She doesnt crowd the space and lets it speak for itself. When you can make empty space inspiring, youre REALLY good. Here is a link to her shop and an example of her images.

I am working on mastering the need to fill the empty corners of my page with stuff and trying to let the space speak for itself. Have a great (yet little gloomy)!

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  1. Such a cute image. thanks for posting your blog in the Etsy forum - I hope you stopped by my blog - I appreciate all my visitors - be sure to stop by this weekend (starts tomorrow) there is a little giveaway on my blog.
    Hugs ~ Jacqueline