Thursday, April 28, 2011

Summer is around the corner

Summer is just around the corner and who better to represent it than Hugh the ex-champion swimmer? I really like this guy, he makes me smile he is so ridiculous and into himself and proud, my kind of man (not) If it can stop raining for a nano second i am going to be able to enjoy beer on a terrasse with my cousin tonight a Montreal thing to do.. ill write something more interesting soon! Have a great day!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter on a farm!

After this work day i am heading out to my family's farm to celebrate Easter. I am bussing it (2.5 hours) but i have prepared some e-books so it should be smooth rollin'. Even if you don't celebrate Easter, who can resist bunnies,baby chicks, and chocolate? Not me. In the spirit of spring and Easter i am posting this illustration i did called springtime in Antartica...ok i don't actually live there but it is still pretty cold in Montreal, Have a great weekend everyone! and you have my permission to eat as much chocolate as your stomach can handle!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rainy day

It's a rainy day in Montreal. It is cold and wet and i am in no mood to step out of the office...for anything...except i need to pic up some prints from the printer i have sold yesterday. I was so delightfully surprised, the customer liked them so much they asked for two! The print was the Teatree (see posts below for pic) I am wondering which direction to take now with my shop and i just knew, its time to make note cards,thank you cards, greeting card, bussiness cards.

SarahJaneStudios : also want to share with you another illustrator that impresses me to know end, her Etsy shop is called Sarahjanestudios and she makes these vintage looking illustrations probably geared towards children or those with a childlike hearts (like mine, i like to think) I like the way her images breathe. She doesnt crowd the space and lets it speak for itself. When you can make empty space inspiring, youre REALLY good. Here is a link to her shop and an example of her images.

I am working on mastering the need to fill the empty corners of my page with stuff and trying to let the space speak for itself. Have a great (yet little gloomy)!

Monday, April 18, 2011

more frabbit magic and Joojoo

I was reading the Etsy forum recently and the subject was on copycats. A few of the sellers were accusing other sellers of copying their work. I don't know much about other products being sold and how copying can be really obvious...but i know for myself, in illustration, my work could never have evolved the way it is now if it were not for the inspiration i get from the awesome work other sellers have posted on Etsy. I guess there is a fine line between inspiration and copying...i would never in a milion years want to be accused of copying but i'd like to say i have been infuenced by others. For example Josephine and her frabbit. I like the soft colors i started to explore in this illustration.I have to admit this great Etsy seller JooJoo and her crazy beautiful use of color has influenced my way of looking at new ways to use colors, i am sure you will find what i'm refering to in her Etsy shop, you have to see her work!!

So, here is Josephine and her magic frabbit

and one of Joojoo's amazing pieces. Please visit her shop:

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New pinback buttons and Timid Monsters!!

Yesterday i finally added my new collection of pinback buttons in my Etsy shop. They are made from different vector illustrations i have been making through the years. I used the service of Buttonhead designs, a shop i found on Etsy.
Here is the link to the shop

i have to say this shop has great customer service and the end product is really great quality, the colors really pop.

Timid Monsters

Last night C and i we browsing on Esty and we stumble upon this great shop: Timid Monsters by Trish Czech! I know you will fall in love with these guys as well. This seller is incredibly creative. Timid Monsters are these little sculpted monsters and they all have their own personaltiy. While sipping a glass of wine we were having a blast going through the different personalities and C is definitely Ruthann. I knew she would be hooked and she would not stop going on about how much she would looooved to have Ruthann...i will have to see about it but here is her pic
(Ruthann, not C)

And here is the link to Trish Czech's Shop:
browse around and see who you most identify with!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Illustration inspiration

As a part of the Etsy community, i come across alot of different illustrators whose work just blow me away. Recently i received a gift for my birthday of two print of an amazing illustrator, the name of her Etsy page is Obsolete world and her art is so delicate and intuitive i can't stop gazing at the prints i put up on my wall. The first one i received was: What remains of these fallen days:

The second one is The dark world without

You can find her work in her Etsy shop:

and be prepared to be blown away by this artist.

Have a great day!!

A new illustration of a Mummy boy and his Frabbit

Ok, i haven't written in a while but i need to start pushing myself to get on the gravy blogtrain. Here is an illustration i just finished of a bandaged up boy and his Frabbit (part rabbit part frog) my dad actually came up with the name for it. I would like to make my illustrations breathe more, also i dreamt of using words on my illustration to convey emotions...this is my first try with Shhhhh.