Monday, April 18, 2011

more frabbit magic and Joojoo

I was reading the Etsy forum recently and the subject was on copycats. A few of the sellers were accusing other sellers of copying their work. I don't know much about other products being sold and how copying can be really obvious...but i know for myself, in illustration, my work could never have evolved the way it is now if it were not for the inspiration i get from the awesome work other sellers have posted on Etsy. I guess there is a fine line between inspiration and copying...i would never in a milion years want to be accused of copying but i'd like to say i have been infuenced by others. For example Josephine and her frabbit. I like the soft colors i started to explore in this illustration.I have to admit this great Etsy seller JooJoo and her crazy beautiful use of color has influenced my way of looking at new ways to use colors, i am sure you will find what i'm refering to in her Etsy shop, you have to see her work!!

So, here is Josephine and her magic frabbit

and one of Joojoo's amazing pieces. Please visit her shop:


  1. Your frabbit is absolutely adorable!
    I like your style!

  2. awwww! Love your work so much! I`ve seen them on Etsy before. And I am a fan of your work!
    Seren xoxo