Sunday, April 17, 2011

New pinback buttons and Timid Monsters!!

Yesterday i finally added my new collection of pinback buttons in my Etsy shop. They are made from different vector illustrations i have been making through the years. I used the service of Buttonhead designs, a shop i found on Etsy.
Here is the link to the shop

i have to say this shop has great customer service and the end product is really great quality, the colors really pop.

Timid Monsters

Last night C and i we browsing on Esty and we stumble upon this great shop: Timid Monsters by Trish Czech! I know you will fall in love with these guys as well. This seller is incredibly creative. Timid Monsters are these little sculpted monsters and they all have their own personaltiy. While sipping a glass of wine we were having a blast going through the different personalities and C is definitely Ruthann. I knew she would be hooked and she would not stop going on about how much she would looooved to have Ruthann...i will have to see about it but here is her pic
(Ruthann, not C)

And here is the link to Trish Czech's Shop:
browse around and see who you most identify with!!


  1. Yayy! This is amazing. I'm so happy to know that you love the buttons. Your artwork is OUTSTANDING! :)

  2. Thanks so much for the post about Timid Monsters! Good luck with the blog.