Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday with sisters

I don't know if you are like me but i remember my dreams every single morning. Last night i dreamt about wolves attacking me. I was very scared but at one point i decided to take control and i ordered the wolves to SIT! and then STAY! my amazement...they did! I felt very wolf-whispery and this morning i woke up with a new sense of confidence. That when scary things happen in my lives, I have the ability to tell them to SIT! (...not STAY though... that be going against the idea)

So tonight i am excited i am spending some time with my two younger sisters. Sometimes i feel i do not spend enought time with them and i am working on it, family should definitely become a bigger part of my life.

So on a different topic, C and I were going through Etsy shops and i just found this unbelievably cute shop with these really original plush guys so here is the link to the shop
the seller is from Warsaw.

I love her adorable description : May I introduce a friendly fellow?

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